The Routine


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“Bye!” she called to her fifth floor neighbour with a bright smile as she stepped out of the elevator.

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Who You Are


If someone were to look at my life through a window, I wonder what they would see. If they’ve been following me on Instagram, they’d probably see a surfer chick, a big smile on her tanned face, eyes twinkling, holding a surfboard taller than her. In the background, white sand and the playful blue sea of Costa da Caparica.

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A little bit of rain…

The sun has been playing hide and seek for the past few days. Dark grey clouds loom in the sky, blocking the sun each afternoon, then letting the evening breeze blow them away. It’s the middle of summer, and Bangalore is baking hot. The dark clouds are doing a fine balancing act—teasing, taunting the people with a hopeful prospect of rain, yet not soothing the earth with their water.

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