The Mountains

The Mountains

The sun had just risen. There was barely enough light to make out the path through the woods. As I stepped out of the trees and made my way towards the cliff, I could see the valley spread out below me. A light mist lingered in the valley, like a blanket the night had forgotten to pull back when she left. The mountains rose out of the mist towards the sky; giant guards keeping a watch over the sleeping valley. The half-light and the mist made the mountains look ethereal; as if they were the only beings from earth who were privy to the goings-on in the heavens.

I sat down, my back against a cold boulder, sheltered from the wind blowing in from the valley. The valley was now hidden away behind the rock. I could feel the soreness in my limbs and the heaviness of my eyelids—it had been a long and difficult climb through the night. I pulled my jacket tighter around me as I got comfortable. ‘Might as well take a small nap’, I thought as I began to drift off. I had no schedule to stick to, for once.

A deep rumble roused me from my sleep. At first glance, it seemed as if no time had passed. Everything in the small cave-like space behind the boulder looked exactly the same. When I stood up, and looked out at the valley, though, my eyes grew as big as saucers. The valley looked completely different.

The sun had risen higher in the sky, hidden behind thick clouds. A couple of stray sunrays had found their way down through the clouds, bathing the places they touched in a golden light. The mist had almost dissipated. But the mountains, they were completely transformed. The previously dark giants now resembled verdant green jewels. Where the sun’s rays touched them, the mountains seemed to glitter—the trees had been washed clean of their grime during the monsoon. Near the horizon, a river snaked through the valley, only to disappear somewhere in the mist.

I knew I had to leave, but I couldn’t tear my gaze away from the feast nature had laid out before me.

Overhead, the clouds rumbled again.





Credits for the photo go to Aniket Korabu. Check out his blog here:

…and his Instagram here:


2 thoughts on “The Mountains

  1. Very visual write up Poorva. Took me back to 2008, when I had had a similar experience…

    Would an explorer like you ever get enough of the serenity in nature and fulfillment in traveling?

    Liked by 1 person

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