The Camera

camera 1

The camera


As I was unpacking my bags in the new apartment in Germany, I came across the notebook in which I write all my poems. I hadn’t touched that one in quite some time, not even to read my mostly teenage angst-inspired, and sometimes surprisingly grown-up poems. This thought gave me pause; what had I written the last time I was here?

Curiousity awakened, I dived in, and sat right there in the middle of the belonging-scattered apartment, reading poem after poem. Right from my first poem written at age 9, nothing more than a few lines joined together and a simple rhyme scheme to accompany it, to my latest poem scribbled down in anger and spanning an entire page – all my poems were here. A few of them, even though written long ago, still are my favourites. One of these favourites, written on 28.08.2013, called out to me. One inspired by my muse, who never fails to inspire me and my writing.

Maybe it’s the innocence of the feeling captured in the poem, maybe it’s surprise that I wrote something like this or maybe I am just appreciating my own creative genius. Whatever it is, the poem I titled “The Camera” made it to this post, and is waiting to be shared with you. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, “The Camera”!

Leaning against your shoulder

Fingers twined together

Framed in the doorway

The camera captures.

Fingers locked tight

Brown eyes alight

Smiling at each other

The camera captures.

Shedding the old skin

Forging a new path

Standing on the threshold

The camera captures.

Hope kindled

Passion found

Emotions abound


6 thoughts on “The Camera

  1. Beauty of the human mind cannot be imprisoned in the lens of a camera, or between a paper and pen. Images of beauty are just moments of its essence.

    Context used here is a newly wedded couple?

    P.S. I like the new blog theme. Neat stuff.


    • ‘Imprison’ is too harsh a word, don’t you think? We’re just hoping to get a glimpse of the beauty, and if possible, preserve it on film.

      Context used is a new couple, maybe on their way to a life together, though not necessarily married.

      And, thanks.


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