What do you do, when you’re feeling low?

Naught, but sit tight and let it go.

You’ve said your piece and played your part

It’s time to say “Farewell!” and collect your heart.

You’ve fought valiantly for what you believed in,

Let it go, let it go; it never was a sin.

Your heart is in tatters, you’re not sure it’ll heal,

Chin up, child, you will have to deal.

Impressions don’t linger, it’s the memories that stay,

But don’t take refuge in those and pass each day.

Let them keep you company, perhaps till then,

When the wounds have healed and you are hale again.

For there’s life to be lived and joys to be shared

Love to be found and for people to be cared.

Now, at the close, listen to this:

It’s only the memories that you’ll sorely miss.

What once was, can never be again

Just take what you can, and say “Goodbye then!”.

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